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EMD December Holidays Newsletter

Posted on 11/30/2023
December 2023 / EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT NEWSLETTER / ISSUE 20 / Images of the LA City Seal and EMD logo / Practice safety this holiday season with the tips below! / PUT A FREEZE ON WINTER HOLIDAT FIRES / iMAGE OF A MENORAH with candles lit / Keep candles at least 12 inches away from anything that burns / Imaes of a frayed wire and a broken light bulb / -Inspect lights for frayed wire or other defects before use. /  Image of three lit candles / Half of home decoration fires are started by candles.


A few careful steps can keep your festive holiday lighting from becoming costly holiday frightening.  Worn older light strands and unattended candles are just a few things to avoid.

 EMD also offers some key online shopping tips to keep those "digital Grinches" at bay. 


Find even more holiday safety reminders in the December EMD Newsletter.



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