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27th Street Incident Archive


Councilmember Curren Price Cuts Ribbon at Trinity Neighborhood Center

About two dozen people, including Councilperson Price and other City and community leaders cut the community center ribbon.

The new Trinity Neighborhood Center at Walker Temple AME Church provides a range of free services, including mental health services, food assistance, employment and transportation services, public benefit assistance and much more. The Trinity Neighborhood Center is part of Councilmember Curren Price’s ongoing efforts to deliver continuous attention and support to the 27th Street neighborhood impacted by the South LA fireworks explosion in 2021. For more information, call Councilman Price’s District Office at (323) 846-2651.

27th Street Incident: LA City Response and Support for Impacted District 9 Residents and Business Owners

The collective mission of the City of Los Angeles and our agency partners will be to see the recovery process through to the end. Resiliency does not occur overnight.  Rather, it takes coordination efforts such as this operation to ensure tools are available to begin reshaping perspectives and physical landscapes.  Through this shared experience, residents and service providers alike are creating a new normal in the wake of disaster.  One that consists of prepared individuals, families and business owners who communicate effectively with one another and have plans in place to withstand detrimental impacts to their community.


Incident Overview

On June 30 at approximately 7:30 p.m. there was a major explosion in South Los Angeles due to the detonation of illegal fireworks and improvised explosive devices seized by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

The City of Los Angeles and its agency partners will continue to work to see the recovery process through to the end.  

"Long after the repairs are completed on 27th Street, I know the impact of what happened on June 30th will still be with the community members. The Los Angeles Police Department is committed to being present to support the community, and the other support entities, as they work toward restoring a sense of normalcy to the lives of so many. We will continue to evaluate the factors which led to the explosion and make changes to our protocols to protect the community.   


"The Los Angeles Police Department is committed to using the valuable information we have learned from the ATF investigation and our own after-action report to implement better practices moving forward. We acknowledge the massive impact this has had on the 27th Street community and will continue to look for ways we can provide support to the numerous people affected by this incident. We continue to learn from this incident and are working toward becoming a better police department.” 

-Chief of Police, Michel R. Moore

Police officers with children
Police officers at a park
Police officers on street









Incident Report

The final report from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) regarding the explosion on 27th Street has been completed as well as the LAPD's After Action Report.

Ongoing Community Support and Resources

Filing a Claim

Pursuant to the California Government Code, in most cases a claim must be filed if you are seeking money damages from the City and/or one of its employees. With very limited exceptions, no lawsuit for money damages may be brought against the City or any of its employees unless a written claim has been properly filed with the City.

Cash Assistance

LA City Mayor Eric Garcetti and Councilmember Curren Price distributed debit cards directly to families affected by the explosion, which helped provide a stop-gap as more substantial relief was on the way. Funds were provided by the Mayor’s Fund, a non-profit designed to rapidly respond with support to crises and help carry out the Mayor’s vision to improve life for all Angelenos.

Councilmember Curren Price presents the CD 9 $1 Million Emergency Relief Fund

Using funds from Price’s Environmental Equity, Reimagining Public Safety Dollars, the new District 9 program will help with:

  • Home repairs from broken windows to plumbing, and other structural repairs 
  • Provide first-class, quality, longer-term housing to the individuals that have been displaced 
  • And, lastly, financial assistance in the amount of $10,000 for 25 pre-identified severely impacted households
    • Recipients do not have to pay any of this money back and will not impact a family's ability to file a claim or pursue legal action and it is up to their discretion if they would like to accept assistance from the Office of Councilmember Price.
Group with Councilmember Curren Price

Councilmember Curren Price seeks additional $5 million for 27th Street blast victims

  • On Sept. 1, Councilmember Price introduced a motion asking for the development of a comprehensive “Recovery Plan for the 27th Street Neighborhood” (from 24th Street to 30th Street and from Trinity Street to Griffith Avenue).
  • On Sept. 21, the Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved Councilman Price’s motion, which will create a long-term recovery plan for the 27th Street Neighborhood. The plan will include an additional $5 million to help the area recover from the devastating explosion, including the establishment of a Neighborhood Recovery Center and services such as infrastructure improvements, mental health services, job, and workforce development, access to children’s services, as well as business grants and prioritization for the City’s Guaranteed Basic Income program. The motion  directs numerous City departments to work together to develop a plan and report back on their findings. That report is expected to be ready by the end of October. 
  • “Our neighbors face an uphill battle and a tough road ahead for years to come,” said Councilmember Price. “Long before this disaster, they faced systemic inequality, structural barriers and racial disparities that have been exacerbated in the wake of this disgraceful LAPD action. We need our own version of a ‘Marshall Plan’ that is going to bring stability to the lives of those affected, revitalize and uplift our neighborhood once and for all.”
  • Download the full motion here
  • Download the "Curren Price 27th Street Neighborhood Recovery Plan"


Councilmember Price Introduces a Motion to Continue Funding to House Individuals 

The money will be disbursed to the Community Investment for Families Department (CIFD) to execute the contract.  Many neighbors face an uphill battle and a tough road ahead for years to come. This motion aims to ease that burden. Click here for the motion.


Thanksgiving Food Drive

As families prepared for the Thanksgiving holiday, Councilmember Price invited several local partners to come together Friday, November 19 at a special Thanksgiving Food Drive to bring a bit of joy to CD 9 neighbors located on and around the 27th Street blast zone. 

Families were treated to a wide-range of activities including games, arts & crafts and other special treats. Just as important, neighbors were connected to resources designed to bring them some relief, including flu and COVID vaccinations from Kedren Community Health Center. 

Individuals were also able to obtain mental health referrals from the LA County Department of Mental Health and received information on social services. 

residents in masks
Community workshop behind pink table FamilySource Center
Community workers Coalition for Responsible Community








27th Street Community Resource Fair

As families geared up for Halloween activities, Councilmember Price invited several local partners to come together Thursday, Oct. 14 at a special Community Resource Fair to bring a bit of joy to CD 9 neighbors located on and around the 27th Street blast zone.  Families were treated to a wide-range of activities including games, arts & crafts, face painting and other special treats. Just as important, neighbors were connected to resources designed to bring them some relief.  With St. John’s Well Child and Family Center mobile clinic on hand, residents were able to see a physician, obtain an auditory exam, sign-up for health insurance and get the COVID-19 vaccine. Individuals were also able to obtain mental health referrals from the LA County Department of Mental Health, as well as obtain information on filing claims with the City, and received information on social services.


Councilmember Curren Price comforting a constituent
Councilmember Curren Price and children at fair
Constituents at street fair




LA Department of Building & Safety (LADBS)

LADBS conducted initial safety assessments and follow up inspections on applicable repair work, once given access by home/business owners. LADBS will then post one of the following placards on the damaged building(s). A red placard indicates the building is marked as "unsafe" and that no one should enter or occupy. A yellow placard indicates the building is marked as "restricted use" and that entry or occupancy is restricted as specified. A green placard indicates the building is marked as "inspected" and that no apparent structural hazard exists or the building only has minor damage. More information is available at



Temporary Housing

Councilman Price’s Office worked directly with Los Angeles Community Investment for Families to provide impacted residents with temporary longer-term housing solutions for those that cannot return to their homes due to the incident. The facilities offer such amenities as a kitchen, a washer and dryer in the unit and parking.


Mental Health Support

Mental health support has been offered to residents at both the Local Assistance Center and the Community Resource Center. Cases have been opened for residents affected by the incident to provide ongoing mental health support with the support of several local partners including: 

MyLA 311

MyLA311 connects Angelenos with popular City services and important information 

Partner Agency Support Team

View a list of supporting partners

All Peoples Community Center

All Peoples Community Center assists residents affected by the fireworks explosion. If you were impacted and need help completing claim forms, call (213) 747-6357.

Immediate Disaster Relief

Local Assistance Center

In order to support and meet the needs of families affected by this event, Council District 9 in collaboration with the City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department, opened a Local Assistance Center (LAC) in the impacted neighborhood from July 4th - 30th, 2021. 

The LAC is a coordinated effort to ease the burden on impacted families, by meeting the community where they are and removing possible barriers in navigating and accessing supportive resources. This was achieved at the LAC where service providers from the City of Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles, non-profit and private sector, formed a one-stop shop to address the community’s immediate and long-term needs. Resources at the LAC included on-site mental health counseling services, the ability to file official claims for property damage, along with other essential services. 

  • Nearly 300: clients registered at the Local Assistance Center (LAC)
  • Over 30: Agencies present at the LAC to engage and directly serve community members and local residents
  • Over 900: Table touches - Individuals visited the informational tables at the LAC 


A coordinated effort between Councilmember Curren Price (CD9), and LA City's Recreation and Parks Department, and Emergency Management Department, as well as the American Red Cross and Homeless Outreach Program Integrated Care System (HOPICS) swiftly worked to activate and operate a local shelter for impacted residents. The shelter was stationed at the Fred Roberts Recreation Center, and provided cots, blankets, towels, food, and other essential services to those in need. 

Short-Term Housing

Council District 9, in partnership with the American Red Cross, quickly identified hotel accommodations for local residents, including for those who initially utilized the City’s shelter facility. 

Meal Distribution

Meals have been provided by Council District 9 and the American Red Cross throughout the City’s response to this incident, providing three meals-a-day to displaced individuals. Upon the reopening of 27th Street to residents, the City coordinated with external non-profit agencies to ensure continued, and uninterrupted meal distribution services. See link for news story: Channel 35 Video Link: Food and Hygiene Distribution in South LA.

Medical Assessments

Councilmember Price also partnered with St. John’s Well Child and Family Center Mobile Clinic, a trusted local community healthcare provider, to assist residents with on-site medical exams, evaluations and medical referrals. 

The City thanks the Emergency Network Los Angeles and the Coalition for Responsible Community Development for swiftly coordinating the non-profit sector incident response, and ensuring that all resource gaps were immediately filled. Additional thanks goes out to the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health and St. John's Medical Clinic for ensuring mental health and medical assessments have been consistently made available to members of the community. These services are essential to residents’ well-being and the path to recovery.