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Where to Turn for Emergency Information

Posted on 04/10/2024
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Dealing with local and regional government resources -- even on a good day -- can get one turned around, to say nothing of before, during, or after a disaster or widespread emergency.   Details about just some of the crisis-event resources available to Los Angeles City residents, beginning with signing up for emergency alerts (#NotifyLA) can be found on this page.


NotifyLA: Emergency Alerts from LA City 

City officials urge the public to prepare their homes and have a plan. SIGN UP TODAY to receive Emergency Alerts from the City of Los Angeles at:



Not Finding the Specific Contact?

LA City's multi-purpose contact, and always a good place to start if uncertain who to contact in City government is the 311 Call Center:



Find Other Assistance Services

The following agencies are available to assist residents with various needs:

City of Los Angeles 
Recreation and Parks
Department on Disabilities
Emergency Management Department
Los Angeles Fire Department
Los Angeles Police Department
Office of the Mayor
Mayor’s Crisis Response Team
Animal Services
Department of Water and Power
Economic and Workforce Development
Building and Safety
OthersDescription of Services
American Red CrossDisaster-relief referrals, disaster assistance programs.
SoCal GasGas shut-off, gas assistance , and safety checks.


Los Angeles County 
Department of Public
Consumer Affairs
Office of the Assessor
Veterans Affairs
State / Federal 
California Department of Insurance
California Office of Emergency Services
United States Small Business Administration
Employment Development Department
Federal Emergency Management Agency


Ready Your LA Neighborhood

The time to prepare for the next emergency is now!  The City of Los Angeles offers an innovative program called Ready Your LA Neighborhood (RYLAN) that brings emergency managers to your neighborhood to help you create a plan for any emergency. 

RYLAN gives you the steps to take immediately after a disaster to help keep you and your family safe.  It provides the tools to prepare and organize your neighborhood to respond together in that first hour after a disaster to reduce injuries, protect your property and the environment, and most importantly, to save lives.

Learn more about RYLAN programs for home, neighborhood and business.