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Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan (MYTEP)

The City of Los Angeles, in an effort to enhance the City’s ability to respond to and recover from disasters both large and small, has conducted a Training and Exercise Plan Workshop (TEPW) and developed a Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan (MYTEP). This MYTEP is the roadmap for the City of Los Angeles to execute a comprehensive training and exercise program that increases personnel understanding and ability to perform during stressful circumstances.

The purpose of the MYTEP is to document the City’s overall training and exercise program priorities for a specific multi-year time period. The Multi-Year City of Los Angeles Training, Exercise, and Special Events Calendar (Attachment A) is considered a living document that is updated monthly and strategically refined annually at a TEPW. The MYTEP lays out a combination of progressively building exercises – along with the associated training requirements – which address the priorities identified during the TEPW. A progressive, multi-year exercise program enables the OA to participate in a series of increasingly complex trainings and exercises; each successive training or exercise builds upon the previous one until mastery is achieved.

The training and exercise agenda described in this plan is by no means binding for the City of Los Angeles nor its departments. Rather this plan is a living document that will be reviewed and updated annually or more often should the need arise.

LA MYTEP 2019-2021