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Taiwan's April Earthquakes

Posted on 04/06/2024
A stylized image of a leaning building as the result of a series of strong earthquakes in Taiwan, the first week of April 2024.

      AS the human tragedy that is often the aftermath of a major earthquake unfolded in early April in Taiwan, LA City's Emergency Management staff members held in their hearts the people of that island nation -- and their extended families, many of which live among us here in Southern California.

      WE send all hope for a rapid recovery and that those unaccounted for or removed from their families for other causes will be quickly reunited.

      WE would be remiss in our duties to Angelenos, however, if we did not suggest these headline events should remind us all of the need to prepare OUR homes, workplaces, and schools for strong earthquakes here, as well.

      FIND out more, today - not tomorrow - at and please sign up to receive emergency alerts for all types of disasters at NotifyLA