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Emergency Plans

5-Phase Emergency Management Cycle: Prevention, Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, Recovery

Citywide Plans

Emergency Management leads the City's efforts in the development of Citywide emergency plans, revises -- at regular intervals -- and then distributes the Emergency Operations Master Plan and Master Procedures and Annexes. The department also updates and disseminates guidelines for emergency response and recovery plans. In addition, it reviews and tests the emergency plans of City departments and agencies to make sure they are ready to fulfill their respective missions. For more information on these plans and programs, call (213) 484-4800 or e-mail:

Cover of the City Base Emergency Operation Plan 2023. A photo of the LA skyline is shown on a sunny day. The title is in boxes in shades of blue at the bottom





Base Emergency Operations Plan






(To receive a review copy of an annex listed below, please request it by name, via email:


Adverse Weather Annex

Brush Fire Annex

Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear (CBRN) Annex       

      CBRN Biological Appendix       

       CBRN Chemical Appendix       

       CBRN Nuclear Appendix       

       CBRN Radiological Appendix

Civil Disturbance Annex

Communications Annex

Critical Infrastructure Annex

      Dam/Reservoir Failure Appendix

Debris Flow Annex

      Debris Management Appendix

Earthquake Annex

Emergency Alert and Warning Annex

Emergency Public Information Annex

Evacuation Annex

Local Assistance Center Annex

Logistics Annex       

      Distribution Management Appendix

      Donation Management Appendix       

      Facilities Appendix       

      Food & Potable Water Appendix       

      Fuel Appendix           

      Transportation Appendix           

Mass Care & Shelter Annex       

      Large Animal Support Appendix       

      Mass Feeding Appendix       

      Non-Traditional Sheltering Appendix       

      Small Animal Support Appendix       

      Traditional Sheltering Appendix             

      Health & Medical Appendix

Medical Points of Distribution Annex

Off-Airport Major Aircraft Response Annex

Pandemic Annex

Recovery Annex

Resettlement Processing Center Annex

Terrorism Prevention & Protection Annex

Tsunami Annex

Urban Flooding Annex