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Public Survey for Local Hazard Mitigation

Posted on 09/01/2023
mall images of earthquake damage, trees on fire, cars flooded on the road, and rocks falling fown a hillside. The LA City seal is also shown. TEXT: Hazard Mitigation Survey / Help us develop a plan to prepare our community for natural disasters

An Important Invitation to LA City Stakeholders

The City of Los Angeles is engaging the community for input as we create a Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP) to help us prepare to keep Angelenos safe in future emergencies and disasters.



It is the official hazard analysis for the City and a requirement for LA to receive federal funding for these types of mitigation projects.



ENCUESTA DE MITIGACIÓN DE RIESGOS LOCALES DE LA CIUDAD DE LOS ÁNGELES / La Ciudad está involucrando a la comunidad para obtener aportes mientras creamos un Plan de Mitigación de Riesgos Locales para ayudarnos a mantener seguros a los angelinos en futuros desastres./ ¡Ningún plan debe completarse sin la participación de nuestros residentes! Queremos información sobre sus experiencias como angelinos y las prioridades para su comunidad. / Proporcione comentarios valiosos completando la encuesta.

For Earthquake: Implement updated building code requirements (such as retrofits) to reduce earthquake damage to buildings. 

For Wildfire: Promote conservation of open space or wildland / urban boundary zones to separate developed areas from high hazard areas (such as defensible space).



It will help create a safer and prepared city for our residents, businesses, and visitors by identifying ways we can take action now to prevent loss of life or damage when a disaster occurs.

No plan would be complete without input from our stakeholders! We want information about your experiences as Angelenos, and about what your priorities are for your community.


Please provide valuable feedback by taking ~15 minutes to complete the community input survey and share the survey with everyone in your network.

More information and Survey Links


To request paper copies of the survey for completion, email - please include your postal address, organization name (if any), and number of copies needed.